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The Best SIM Only Deals

What's better than a brand new SIM Only deal? One that you pay even less for. Every week we search through over 200,000 sim only deals, to highlight some of the best deals we can find from all the networks and retailers.

These deals offer great value for money. So no matter what your budget or the amount of data you need, we've got you covered. SIM Only deals offer shorter contracts and cheaper line rental. So keep your current phone and save hundreds of pounds a year.

Virgin Multi SIM

Virgin Sim Card front large image

2 million+ WiFi hotspots:
Once you've downloaded our Virgin Media WiFi app your new WiFi friend will automatically switch you from our mobile network to free WiFi whenever you're near a hotspot, saving you mobile data and keeping you connected!

Use your phone like you're at home within the EU:
With Roam Like Home, you can use your mobile in the EU and pay no more for your texts, data and minutes than you would in the UK (subject to our fair usage policy). So whether you’re away for work or a well-deserved holiday, you’ll be able to call, message and send selfies home without a worry.

  • 60GB data
  • Unlimited mins
  • Unlimited texts
  • £20.00per month
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Plusnet Multi SIM

Plusnet Sim Card front large image

Data Caps:
Never go over your data allowance by accident, so you're always in control of your spending.

WiFi Calling:
Make calls, even when there’s no signal. Call and text wherever you have WiFi, even those niggly indoor spots.

Roam Like Home:
With a Roam Like at Home enabled mobile plan, you can use your monthly plan allowance in more than 40 EU destinations, including; France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

  • 5GB data
  • 3000 mins
  • 3000 texts
  • £10.00
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