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Free Sony PS4 1TB with a phone contract

Get a Free Sony PS4 1TB when you purchase a mobile phone contract. With great deals starting from just £18.00 per month. Compare the best and cheapest mobile phone deals from all UK retailers and networks with a Free Sony PS4 1TB.

Free Sony PS4 1TB

PlayStation 4

Experience the future of play with Sony PS4 1TB.

Sony Playstion PS4

Incredible games. Endless entertainment.

The greatest games come alive with Sony PS4 1TB. Exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to award-winning AAA hits. With PS4, waiting for entire games to download is over; you can start playing immediately before the download is even finished. Purchase games, view in-game items and stream real-time gameplay from your community with the PlayStation® App (available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices).

All Sony PS4 1TB games showcased are NOT bundled with your free gift.

Sony Playstation 4 console

Sleek lines, precision design.

With a slim, sharply-defined case, the Sony PS4 1TB presents a refined yet captivating style. Its form blends into a contemporary entertainment centre, from its angular profile to its contrasting panels of glossy and matte finish.

Sony Playstation PS4 games controllers

Unparalleled control.

The DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller for the Sony PS4 1TB has been updated with a new look and feel, including a more visible, colourful light bar to put even more of the game into your hands. It's the most ergonomic, intuitive PlayStation controller we've ever designed.

Sony Playstation Halo Screen

The Sony PS4 1TB pushes the boundaries of gameplay.

How did Sony prepare to earn the title of "World's best console"? By starting from the ground up. Beginning with the 8-core AMD Jaguar processor, then turbocharging it for maximum performance. And the 1.84 TFLOPS graphics chip and leading-edge GDDR5 RAM give developers unrivalled potential for next-generation games.