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BT Mobile SIM Only Deals

Compare the best BT Mobile Sim Only Deals from as little as £17.00 per month

Compare BT Mobile SIM Only deals. We bring you all the best BT SIM Only deals. BT Mobile offers the best of both worlds, exceptional 4g network coverage and access to over 5 million wi-fi hotspots situated in coffee shops, banks and many more places throught towns and cities. BT also has some great Family SIM Only deals, you can add up to five SIMs to your plan, each with its own allowance. The more SIMs you add the more you save.

BT now owns EE, as a result, BT SIM customers can also take advantage of EE's 4G UK coverage and double-speed

You also get free BT Sport on your mobile with plans of 6Gb or more.

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Our Best Selling Deal

Mobile from BT Multi SIM

  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited minutes
  • 8Gb data
  • 12 Months contract
  • £17.00 per month
  • Total cost:£204.00
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Mobile from BT Multi SIM
Mobile from BT Multi SIM
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited texts
8Gb data
12 months contract
£17.00 per month
Total cost: £204.00
order from: See this deal

BT Perfect All Rounder SIM Only Plan

BT SPORT:Get free BT Sport on your mobile with this plan.

More Savings:The more you buy the more you save. Add up to five SIMs, each with its own data. There’s never been a better time to save than now. 5 Individual SIms would cost £16 each. Family SIms cost £16, £15, £13, £11 and then £10 for the fifth sim.

More flexibility:Family SIM starts with a 12 month contract on the first SIM, but all subsequent SIMs you add are on flexible 30 day rolling plans. Meaning family members can join and leave the plan whenever they like

More control:As the bill payer you can manage the plan yourself, or let others in your plan manage their own SIMs.

Guaranteed/Automatic Cashback Your guaranteed cashback will be paid by BACS directly into your bank account within a certain number of days after connection. Please check the exact number of days when you purchase your simproduct.

Cashback by Redemption Cashback by redemption usually means you have to claim the money from the company. They will supply instructions when you purchase your simproduct. You have to be an organised person for this type of offer. But if your are, then there are some GREAT deals to be had.

You usually have to send them a voucher or your mobile phone bill several times over the length of your new contract, to prove your are still connected to the network and paying your bill. An example from MobilePhonesDirect is shown below:

The cashback is claimable by instalments in months 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 and instructions on how to claim will be provided with your order.

Cashback will become void for customers who disconnect from the network prior to their payment being made.

BT Mobile SIM Only FAQs

Yes it will. Whichever size of SIM card your existing phone or tablet takes, a BT Mobile Multi SIM card will fit. Just pop out the size you need, either standard, micro or nano, and place it into your tablet or phone.

Yes you can. Just follow the steps below:

Make sure you can switch network: Check with your existing network to make sure there are no cancellation charges if you switch to BT Mobile. These cancellation charges will usually apply if you are still within the contract time length of your current contract.

Choose your new BT Mobile SIM Only deal: Keeping your existing mobile phone and taking out a BT Mobile SIM Only contract is a great way of saving money, in some cases it could half your current monthly cost. We have lots of BT Mobile SIM Only deals for you to choose from.

Get a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC code): Once you have decided to leave your exisitng network and choosen your new BT Mobile SIM Only deal, you need to call your existing network and ask them for a PAC Code. If you phone your existing network up, Ofcom have insisted that they have to give you your PAC Code immedialety. At this stage your network may try to tempt you to stay with them, offering you a better deal.

Give your PAC code to your new network: If your existing network has been unable to tempt you to stay with them, call up BT Mobile and give them the PAC Code you got from your exisitng network, once you have given BT Mobile your PAC Code, it usually take 24 hours for your mobile phone number to be switched.

4G comes as standard on all BT Mobile purchases. BT Mobile's uses EE network which was recently voted 'Best Network Coverage' and 'Fastest Network' in the USwitch 2017 Awards. 85% off EE's customers said they were satisfied with their reception. EE brings you 4G in more places than any other UK network, and they’ve made it their ambition to deliver 4G to 95% of UK landmass by 2020. With EE, you'll get superfast 4G, and have access to 4G+ (three times faster than 4G). So if you're downloading an HD film or a full album it will arrive in seconds not minutes.

Check EE's signal strength in your area with the ofcom network checker.